Katerina Kopaeva

Welcome to the world of Arts For the Living

From the start

I'm a professional architectural designer according to my diploma and my geometry-addicted way of visualizing. Somehow, I've found myself a photo-artist as well. My eyes are always bent on researching graphic lines and colour of the world. Every day I try to develop my creativity exploring different tools, materials and the world around, it's innovative, abstract and unique entity. To be an artist, I think, means to see beauty in every tiny dot and in the whole universe. Sometimes, to be an artist means not to fixate this beauty, but to let it live inside your own mind, inspiring you for your further works.


Fields of creativity

My teacher always told me: "Sometime you will feel your wings". Now I know what she meant. If I didn't feel my wings, would I be brave enough to fly in the fields of Art? Paint-brush, pencil, inks, camera, wacom, computer and my voice - all this is equal for me. Every tool I use is perfect for expressing the World, the Thought, the Love... Every tool I use exists to inspirit, to fill the daily routine with the energy of Arts, the Arts for the Living.